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What was the inspiration behind this design?

Ich wollte ein buntes Trikot gestalten, dass meine Freude & Freiheit beim Radfahren widerspiegelt. Bei den verschiedenen Schnittparts habe ich mit verschiedenen Dimensionen, Strukturen und auch Details gearbeitet, inspiriert von der Vielschichtigkeit des Fahrens selbst.

What does cycling mean to you?

I myself have been riding a bike for as long as I can remember. As a child, I loved the freedom I gained. I can remember my first green Bonanza bike. After that came a chrome colored BMX with cherry red tires. I rode that on the dirt track at home. As a teenager I did a lot of mountain biking and when I moved to Vienna I got a BMX again before diving into the fixie scene. Back then there was a group that met every day at Schwarzenbergplatz to practice tricks. It was also the meeting place of the CM where I met a lot of bike nerds. Sometimes I even rode alley cats. I still prefer to ride in the city. It is my favorite means of transportation. I had my main bike for 12 years now and love it like on the first day :)

Your best cycling experience?

The first time from Brooklyn over the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan and then up one of the big avenues towards Central Park in the urban jungle. That was incredibly beautiful.