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Der Gutschein ist, was du draus machst. Such dir eines unserer Trikots aus, wir finden bestimmt etwas passendes für dich.

The artists of Trikoterie:

Each and every jersey is designed by a different Viennese artist or graphic designer who are provided with the possibility to play around with a new medium of expression and see their creation in motion.

Our designs are sometimes minimalistic, sometimes edgy, and each of them reflects the artists’ personality and their aesthetic interpretation of cycling. We provide our artists with a plain canvas and zero instructions for each design to create truly unique jerseys.

Each jersey is an original in its own right, there are no two that look the same. Every year we collaborate with new artists to be able to provide our platform to as many aspiring artists as possible.

If you’re interested in working with us, please drop us a line and we’re happy to catch up!