Jersey Courage


Elahe Baghani, active in the Iranian Woman Life Freedom movement, has given expression to her quest for freedom with "Courage". It is illegal for women to ride a bike in Iran - the bird on the back symbolizes the escape to a better future.

Designed by Elahe Baghani


  • Made from 100% recycled base material (recycled PET)
  • three back pockets, one with a hidden zipper pocket
  • 50% of profits are donated to Woman Life Freedom

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Anti-boring cycling wear,
made for everybody.

by artists
in Vienna
30 days
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Elahe Baghani


Main Profession:

Graphic design

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What was the inspiration behind this design?

When I designed this jersey, there were many protests in my country, Iran. All I could think about was freedom. So I created a design with a bird fleeing from the storm that is after him to survive.

What does cycling mean to you?

Actually, I find that cycling is like flying. You can always do it faster and free your mind from useless thoughts. But I am from Iran - here women are not allowed to ride bicycles. So as much as I would like to, I can very rarely sit at the bike.

Your best cycling experience?

My best experience riding a bike was when I got my first bike as a present. A beautiful pink bike with a Pinocchio motif on it. I was in the garden all day riding my bike, those were good times!