Jersey Sans Titre


You can't sum up cycling under one word - hence "Sans Titre", a very special, colorful artwork by French artist Saturn. Organically grown like the connection to nature when cycling, while at the same time abstract and even geometric - definitely not something that fits in a single box.


  • Made from 100% recycled base material (recycled PET)
  • fast-drying, bi-elastic fabric on body and sleeves for perfect fit
  • three back pockets, one with a hidden zipper pocket
  • silicone strip at back to keep jersey where it belongs

Size Chart

Anti-boring cycling wear,
made for everybody.

by artists
in Vienna
30 days
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Multidisciplinary artist

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What was the inspiration behind this design?

When I draw, I try not to let myself be influenced in general. I draw to add colorful, visually appealing elements to my surroundings. I have motifs that recur regularly, such as palm trees or stars, but my primary aim is to make objects simply interesting and contemplative in my eyes.

What does cycling mean to you?

I lived in the city almost all my life, recently I moved to the countryside, and strangely, that's when I started cycling. And for me, it's a new practice that allows me to see the nature that surrounds me differently daily. Without wanting to seem too cliché, I feel like I feel nature like never before, and cycling allows me to cut myself off from work and everyday life. So I'm a little more sporty too. 

Your best cycling experience?

When I started cycling, I discovered a bike path that runs through the entire county. One day I wanted to see how far it was going so I started riding without thinking too much. I went through a lot of beautiful landscapes and when I wanted to know the route I had taken, I realized that I had ridden more than 30km. I'm not a great cyclist yet so that seemed huge to me. I told myself that one day I would try to do this journey from beginning to end to see how far it goes.